June 25, 2008 (Wednesday)

Still didn’t have anything to eat. I had maybe a cup of water all day, but that was it. I was so thirsty and hungry, whenever I caught a whif of any food, I took a ‘food journey’ in my head. My voice kept fading in and out (I’m assuming because my mouth was so freakin’ dry because of the dehydration). I came across another youtube video about some guy who bought a juicer and now juices every day. He has been symptom free for something like 5 years. His success prompted me to purchase a juicer. So, after work, I went ahead and purchased a Juiceman Jr. from Target. That night I had some juices (Strawberry / Carrot / Spinach). I remember that I could hardly drink much, and got full very quickly. I still felt like crap.

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