June 27, 2008 (Friday)

I finally felt a little bit better, but still pretty much couldn’t move. I was fatigued like nobody’s business. When I arrived at home HOME, I received GOOD NEWS!!! THE BACK-ORDERED SULFASALAZINE (Salazopyrin-EN 500mg) SHOWED UP AND SO DID THE MMS!!! I almost cried at the very sight of the arrivals because I was in such bad shape. It was literally a sight for sore-eyes (my eyes were in pain because of the lack of sleep). So, I went ahead and read the MMS directions. I made the Citric Acid and immediately mixed the one drop solution with some distilled water and drank it. At this point, I was so weak and tired that I just wanted to make the MMS solution and drink it that way I could have it work on me ASAP. Once I mixed it, I immediately recognized the scent of the solution (it was very strong). It smelled just like the Ozone generation process (Ozone). At that point I didn’t have any doubts about whether it was safe or not (not that it really mattered, I would have drank it anyway).

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