July 21, 2008

MMS – 8 drops
Salazopyrin – 4 Pills (2000 mg)(Sulfasalazine)
Calcium (1200 mg)
Centrum – 1 Pill

  • Two Granola Bars
  • Subway Sandwich (Turkey Breast / Ham on Wheat Bread (Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mustard, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Pepper, Oregano))

I have continued bad gas. I still hope that it’s just the dead bodies of the nasty little creatures / bugs that have been living inside me for the last 10 years. DIE!!! YOU MISERABLE LITTLE BEINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I continued to have the weird sensation toward my gut / chest. It still feels like I have to cough, but when I did cough, it was a very weak cough.

I have a feeling that these are the “side-effects” that everybody was talking about. My assumption is that I haven’t felt them (the side-effects) because my MMS dosage wasn’t high enough to actually damage that many bugs. However, now at these higher dosages, I will begin to notice quite a few changes. If I remember, I will do 9 drops tomorrow.

Also, I found out that you can make your own MMS. Here are the specs:

    Make your own MMS:

  • 72% Distilled Water / 28% Sodium Chlorite (You can purchase Sodium Chlorite in bulk)
  • To activate: 1 (MMS) to 5 (Vinegar / Lemon Juice / Citric Acid) drops

It is actually also used to clean water from bacteria / viruses.

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