MMS – 11 drops Salazopyrin – 5 Pills (2500 mg)(Sulfasalazine) Calcium (1200 mg) Centrum – 1 Pill

  • Dum Dum Sucker

The whole MMS routine is really starting to get to me. THE SMELL, THE TASTE, BURPING IT UP, IT’S REALLY STARTING TO KILL MY SENSES. Not in a bad way, but in a way that is just distasteful (or not very pleasant). I had a little bit of depression today for about two hours. That stuff sucks!!!! I think I’m starting to burn out! I need a FREAKING vacation! Seriously, that’s not a joke. It’s mainly these bull**** classes. Work is fine and home life is fine, it’s just the classes. I’m starting to figure out patterns now that I have had my whole life. Actually today was kind of a big thing. Now I know that the whole depression feeling for me is because of a lack of sleep, too much stress, and not enough free time; basically the symptoms of being burned out, without actually burning out yet. I think I might go to the beach today, that was really a great time the one time that I went. AND I ONLY WENT FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES!!!

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