August 23, 2008 (Saturday) – Jackie’s Wedding

MMS – 0 drops (I needed a break)

  • Omelette (Green Peppers, Onions, Cheese, Ham)
  • A Few Bacon Strips
  • 2 Bread Rolls
  • Chicken Dinner, Salad, Mashed Potatoes (at the wedding)
  • A Bottle (a whole one) of some cheap red wine

Jackie’s wedding was pretty interesting. Really, all I have to say is that’s why they call Alcohol – ‘Liquid Confidence’. Frequency of trips to the washroom were up a few. Urgency was there too, but it wasn’t UC bad. I needed a break, especially since I only had 15 drops for 3 days straight and the diarrhea was very bad (still very watery)!

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