August 25, 2008 (Monday)

MMS – 15 drops

  • Didn’t eat anything

Today I did 15 drops again. Today was a little bit different though. There were other days that my gag reflex was controllable. Today, however, was a different case. I drank it and I kept burping up the nasty taste. I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I ended up throwing it up. It was disgusting!!!! But this stuff is SOOOOO NASTY!!!! There’s just no way that I will be able to do 3 times 15 drops per day. Besides, I think the lower dosages (compared to the protocol) have actually pretty much cured me, if not totally cured, at least temporarily. The protocol also states that you’re taking too much if diarrhea continues for longer periods, and you should step the dosage down. 15 drops for 3 days straight is just enough, I’m definitely going to step it down. I was originally planning on going at least a week on 15 drops a day, but that is just way too much.

Also, today, since I had two days off of MMS, my stool is back to a more solid state. Although it still has that same aroma that has been around during this last week.

I met with a very special person tonight for some wine at her apartment. I had about half to 60% of the bottle. A Syrah – red wine. She said her uncle is the one who runs the winery (Not Uncle Bobo).

By the way, my zapper finally showed up. We’ll see how that goes.

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