August 30, 2008 (Saturday)

MMS – 10 drops

  • Super Burrito (pepper, sour cream, beef, beans)
  • Horchata – (rice water – THIS STUFF TASTES AWESOME!!!)
  • Strawberry Orange Juice

Assisted with setting up my Uncle Louis’ computer and HD TV / PS3. I was at his house for a few hours. His son (my cousin) is VERY INTELLIGENT. If he continues on the path that he is on, he will work wonders throughout his life. Anyway, I did a Zapping session today. The zapper felt weird. Believe or not, I felt a little tired when I got done. I have a “three-speed” zapper (15 hz, 2.5 khz, 30 khz, at least I think those are the speeds). On the first setting (15 hz) there were some pretty serious jolts going through the handles (I have the handles). On the second setting (2.5 khz), there were very small jolts, but my arm felt like it was cramping up at first. After the cramping sensation I was fine. On the third setting (30 khz), I almost didn’t even feel it. I did the 7 minutes on (15 hz), 20 minutes off, 7 minutes on (2.5 khz), 20 minutes off, 7 minutes on (30 khz), then done, plan. I added wet paper towels to the handles as somebody recommended (I’m not sure where I read it).

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