January 05 (Monday) – 2009

MMS – 15 drops (Morning) – 15 drops (Night)
No Drugs
No Zapping

  • Water
  • Potato Chips
  • Pretzels

I’m actually trying the coke thing (from above) that was suggested to me and BOY DOES THAT HELP! I actually jumped from 10 drops to 11 to 12 to 15. I’m going to be sticking with 15 from here on out, or at least for bit of time. The stuff is still so disgusting (I’m probably ‘beating a dead horse’ at this point by saying that so much). Just the smell of this stuff kills me. I have to keep the smell contained otherwise I can’t even get close it without the urge to barf (ralph or throw up).

Anyway, the first time I did this stuff (MMS), it didn’t take very long for it to take effect. Thus, I think with starting at 15 drops and doing that for an extended period of time, the time it will take in order to start working will be significantly less (I hope).

I’ll keep you posted.

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