January 07 (Wednesday) – 2009

MMS – 15 drops (Morning) – 15 drops (Night) No Drugs No Zapping

  • Water
  • Organic Stuff

So far everything is working out quite well! I was able to sleep the whole night without waking up to go once last night! I’m pretty excited. Also, the gas that is coming out of me is really really unpleasing. This is what happened last time too. So far, the diarrhea hasn’t really been there and the bloating and the rolling stomach have been cut down too. I’m already feeling a lot better and it has really only been a few days. The stool itself seems to be getting better as well. Although it fades in and out. There’s blood occasionally, but that appears to be fading out. This morning I actually had a solid stool (again). Either way, I will continue with this 15 drop MMS stuff (with Coke). I’ll keep you posted.

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