January 11 (Sunday) – 2009

MMS – 0 drops (Morning) – 15 drops (Night)
No Drugs
No Zapping

  • Water
  • Organic Stuff

I attended a UC support group meeting (1st for me). I RECEIVED AN ABSOLUTE WEALTH OF INFORMATION AT THAT THING! It seemed like everyone in there has been ‘cut’ (surgery) in some way. Even at some point I was starting to come to grips with the fact that I will probably have to get this thing cut out in order to have a ‘normal’ life. WHICH SUCKS!!! But hey, it happens.

I have also started thinking that I may start fasting. There was something that happened to me (and also stuff I have been reading) having to do with fasting. If you read above, right around when I started this thing, you’ll see that I didn’t really eat ANYTHING for those two weeks. Seemingly shortly after that is when I had 3 months of a pretty great life. So, if it only takes 2 weeks of fasting for 3 months of good life, you bet I’ll do that.

Certain research suggests that fasting may actually ‘reset’ or ‘reboot’ (I’m about to be a Master of Computer Science 😉 ) your insides / internals / immune system and all of that other stuff. We’ll see though.

Thus, I may finish all of the food that I have and enjoy myself for a few days. After that, I may start fasting. It may be next week. I’ll keep you posted.

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