January 15 (Thursday) – 2009

MMS – 0 drops (Morning) – 0 drops (Night) 1200 mg Asacol No Zapping

  • ONLY Water
  • Contrast for my CT Scan
  • A few pieces of bread

My abdomen area still hurts. Still no appetite. Too sick to go to work again. My FIRST hospitalization due to this disease. I was VERY weak, I had no water, no food, no sleep. It’s one of those cycles that starts because of the abdominal pain. You can’t eat, drink, or sleep because of the pain, then you get weak. However, in order to stop feeling weak, you have to eat, drink, or sleep. It’s a downward spiral. I got a CT scan to check my internals. It turns out I had a bowel infection. The doctor said I may have Crohn’s instead of UC. I’m not sure how that works, but I’ll keep you posted. They put me on ASACOL, 3 pills 2 times a day.

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