January 16 (Friday) – 2009

MMS – 0 drops (Morning) – 0 drops (Night)
3600 mg Asacol
No Zapping

  • Miscellaneous Foods
  • Bread
  • Steak

Follow up with a Doctor. He checked my vitals, blood test results, urine test results, etc. He said that all were well for the most part. He raised my ASACOL dosage to 3 pills 3 times a day, so we’ll see how that goes. I also scheduled a Colonoscopy to check my whole Colon instead of just the edge (like my last Doctor did).

Modern medicine got me again. I just really don’t think MMS was working now. I was hoping it was that easy, but I just don’t see it any more. I’m looking toward fasting now. I’m definitely going to try that. I’ll just have to wait until after the Colonoscopy results and all of that. My Colonoscopy is sceduled for January 29th, 2009. I’m going to take two days off for that thing (29th and 30th) because the Doctor said the Anesthetic is pretty extreme. I’ll keep you posted.

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