December 22 (Tuesday) – 2009

WOW!!! Once again, it has been forever. Even longer this time.

Currently in a “flare-up”. I’ve been in this state for about a month. Had the doctor change my drug to Lialda about 2-3 months ago. This UC stuff really sucks!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I used to. 2 pills at night (although I’ve kind of been popping the pills to see if it does anything for the current “flare-up” that is going on)

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So, essentially this means, “back to the drawing board”. I really don’t want the doctor to have to cut this thing out of me, but to a certain point, I just want it to be over already. Find me a cure and get rid of this junk.

I had to drive 14 and a half hours in a car this past weekend. The whole time I was thinking about the next exit and how far it was going to be (or even if it had a bathroom at it). This really is a pain in the a** (pun intended).

Anyway, right now, my tummy is really bubbling and twisting and turning. It’s starting to get painful. The last time I had this type of pain was the last time I went to the hospital. I hope it’s not another Bowel Infection. Ugh… Just in time for the holidays.

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