Stress Appears To Be A (if not, thee) Key Factor

So, lately I haven’t really had that many issues. It’s up and down, but it’s definitely something that I can live with (although it does get annoying at times). I am currently recovering from a cold and I’m taking things that I wouldn’t normally be taking and I think that has been causing me a few issues over the last few days / week.

Other than that I’m just checking in to say that I really haven’t had that many issues. I took Delsym and I think that had an effect. Also, I’ve been chewing on Halls (Cherry) and I think they’ve been giving me issues as well. Obviously nothing I can’t take, but it’s just a bit of an annoyance.

All aside, I believe that since I have been able to control my emotions (the stress), I really haven’t had many issues AT ALL. The mind-setting thing before going to bed definitely touches on this insight. To me, it seems to have something to do with being “centered.” When you don’t allow anybody to have the power over you (psychologically) and you realize that you are control of what you do, everything else seems to fade into the background. Not to get too deep, but honestly, this seems to have worked for me.

Since I’m still figuring out how to actually manage this, I believe that’s why certain issues have been “up-and-down.” Don’t worry, I’m still attempting to completely center myself.

2 thoughts on “Stress Appears To Be A (if not, thee) Key Factor”

  1. Hi Aggie – I’ve had UC for 4 months, probably due to an overdose of Antibiotics. I also have Chronic Pancreatitis, although that’s in control.

    I wanted to know why you stopped MMS. I have heard such wonderful things about it. Recently on Jim’s blog (

    you’ll see, it is not as much the quantity but the frequency of taking MMS. So you can take 5 drops 5 times daily is more effective than 10 drops 2 times a day.

    However it seemed it worked for you then did not. Did you religiously follow the activation process of using only vinegar or citrix acid/lime?

    Do write back or email me.

  2. @GG – Sorry to hear that. The main reason that I stopped taking MMS was because after a while, it seemed to stop working. For example, I started to really get stressed out (back in grad school) and when that was happening the MMS didn’t seem to do anything, no matter how much of it I took. Thus, it’s not worth it to take it when there’s no “reward.” I attribute much of the MMS improvements to the Placebo Effect.

    As far as following the activation process, yes, I followed it “to the T.” It turned yellow, smelled disgusting, etc…. And yes, I do have flashbacks occasionally, whenever I smell something along the same lines as MMS. IT’S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING TO ME!!! 😉

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