USAA… Net Worth 09-25-2012

So here’s the latest financial picture (which doesn’t include at least two other positive large accounts (5 figures)). I was able to find a place on that actually showed Net Worth over time. Shown below:

The HUGE shift in last August / September’s transition was because some accounts weren’t added until later. On another not, sorry, but I had to get away from (that’s where the original Net Worth images were from). It was perfect for a while, but then a manual account “got stuck”. From there, every manual account I added after that “got stuck”. Now it shows something like -$30,000 due to a few -$28,000 manual accounts. Either way, this works for now and right now, I’m around a positive $23,000 (according to the above graph). I’m actually a wee bit higher than that overall, but for various reasons the missing accounts aren’t playing nicely at this moment. Another note, if you’re one of those who has been following me since the beginning, you can see that with a little bit of effort, will power / self-control, discipline, drive, and optimism… There’s NOTHING you can’t do. Just NEVER EVER give up. About two years ago I was in the hole by about $50,000 (AT LEAST) -> Not good…


I’m not sure how this works, but I saw it on a TV ad and I decided to try to sign up. The first time I went through, it was like I needed to have some sort of association with a military person (my brother is currently in the reserves and my grandfather served in WWII). So, perhaps that was what did it. Either way, I signed up yesterday night and my USAA account is now open. Apparently it’s a good thing to have, so that’s why I went for it. The savings rates themselves aren’t going to lead to retirement, but I hear that the borrowing rates are awesome. So we’ll see how that works… Should be interesting…

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