Sex Before Marriage… To Each Their Own…

The first thing I noticed on this article was an old-school jam that I didn’t realize I didn’t have on my iPod (David Josias – Mind Blowing). Great song from ‘back in the day’.

Either way, the post I’m addressing here is at:

Honestly, he brings up a few different perspectives which I find interesting, but a bit thin. The title is ‘Not Having Sex Before Marriage is a Setup For Failure’. What?!?!?!?!

The #1 thing that comes to mind is that there is always potential for pregnancy. Most call it ‘unplanned pregnancy’, I would call it an ‘unwanted pregnancy’. That will ruin your weekend. Either way, he didn’t seem to bring that up anywhere. He just kept pointing out that (essentially) you should really know your mate, and you’ll really know your mate when you have sex with them.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s a lifestyle thing. It’s just those that want to have “a good time” and those who think first. Who knows…

There was an interview with a self-proclaimed ‘OES’ (Over-Educated Snob) by the name of Charles Murray that I heard a while back. The interview was about his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010“. Basically, he talks about the differences between the “haves” and the “have nots” and most importantly WHY they are in the situations they’re in. Some of the topics that were covered were: marriage, religiosity, work ethic, etc. It was very interesting. I’m pretty sure sex before marriage was more likely to fall under the lifestyle of the “have nots”.

There’s discipline and self-control on one side and there’s “hey, this feels pretty good” on the other. Either way… To each… Their own…

Someone by the name of “Classy” wrote:

Just another article from another random guy justifying having sex before marriage and how it is “stupid to wait.” Why not worry about your sex life and let others worry about their lives? Women don’t even seem to respect themselves anymore. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, right?

My thoughts:

Amen “Classy”!

Good or bad, I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that it is pretty tough to abstain… Especially over long periods of time.

Also, if in fact, “It’s true that perception is everything”… What difference would it make for a virgin? The first time they have sex (which would be with their husband or wife) would be the best sex they’ve ever had. ;)

On the flip side though, (based on the arguments in the post) I hope I don’t marry someone who is AWESOME at sex and then loses a limb in an accident or something like that. I’ll have to cheat on them or divorce them and go find someone else who is AWESOME at sex because he or she is “ill-equipped to satisfy [my] needs.”

I understand your points, but sorry, I think there’s just a wee bit too much emphasis on sex here.

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