Thoughts On The 2 Year Old Getting Mauled

So the story is here:,0,2086553.story

Let me first open with stating that this is a tragic and unfortunate event. My thoughts go out to the family, friends, and the boy himself. However, my issue was with the mother. It seems that she may not have done everything that she could have done to save him. Either way, my thoughts are below…

Hop in… Toss the kid out… And do your best to get yourself out…
If it was my kid, I would have chanced it. Not to mention, it’s going to be tough going through life knowing that an unfortunate event like that took my kid’s life.

Then I received responses from two people who apparently don’t feel the same way that I do.

[Top Commenter – E! Networks] Robert Lee Andruszko’s response:

Also, 11 dogs at 40-80 pounds each. Wild not afraid of humans. A single police dog can pull down a human. What do you think 11 would do?

[Cleveland State University] Mia Kiraly-Hricko’s response:

Oh Patricio, if it was only that easy. First of all “hop in”? You do realize that’s at least a 14′ drop? I wouldn’t call that hopping into somewhere. “Toss the kid out”? To where – another exhibit… the cement pathway on the other side of the fence… or better yet, try to toss him 14′ back up to the observation deck and hope that someone is able to catch him on the first try?? “Do your best to get yourself out”? How? If there was an easy way out, the dogs would have found it by now. It’s all enclosed. Of course all the while this rescue is going on, you would have to hope the dogs are patiently keeping their distance and waiting for you to get out. The sad truth is the boy was attacked immediately and didn’t stand a chance regardless of who would have jumped in. These dogs are not little ankle biting Chihuahuas. They are extremely ferocious.

My response to both of the above comments:

Let me make it clear first off that this is tragic and unfortunate. Mainly the fact that the parent put the child into that situation. After all, without that, this wouldn’t have even been an event.

Secondly, it really wouldn’t have mattered what the odds were. What is up with all of these excuses? 14′ drop? 11 extremely ferocious dogs? My… Oh my… What is going on with this world? It was my kid in there!!! (<– figuratively speaking)

Apparently I’m in the minority when I say that I would sacrifice myself for my kid(s), especially at that age. At 2 years old, the kid is helpless in general.

As Robert Lee Andruszko said… “A single police dog can pull down a human. What do you think 11 would do?”… Yet, it sounds like he would let a 2 year old fend for himself in that situation…

There are really only a few things that I would keep in mind on this one. 1. Best chance of survival… a) Me, b) the kid, or c) me and the kid? 2. “Toss the kid out”… So the kid busts his head or breaks an arm or whatever… He must have survived the first 14′ foot drop, odds are he’ll survive the second one.

By the way, I would encourage you to look at a picture of the actual location at:

Logistically speaking, and maybe I’m thinking outside the box, but I’m pretty sure the kid could have been saved. Actually, the more I look at the picture… If I was there, I would have given it a shot.

The actual image is this one:


Really… I have a nephew and I would have jumped down there and done my best to save him, let alone my own kid(s). Either way, I came up with a saying (or maybe someone else did, but I couldn’t find it) that I suppose fits with our current generation:

We live in a world in which people are saved from everything but themselves.
-Patricio “Aggie” Aguilar

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