So… Quick Welfare / Food Stamps / EBT Research…

As you’ve probably seen, I’m doing just fine when it comes to finances (they’re plastered all over this blog). However, I started thinking about all of this government spending and how something like 60% of it is for entitlements. So, I figured I would apply and get some food stamps / EBT to attempt to recoup some of the taxes that I’m paying. I can’t tell you how aggravating it is to hear about how much government spending is spent on entitlements. On top of that, there is a large percentage of those living below the poverty line that have HD TVs (my TV is analog and has duct tape holding it together).

I don’t think the issue is how much money people are making, I think it’s how the money that they make is being spent. I would say they suffer from “L” “O” “D” (Lack Of Discipline). NOTE: There are many forms of LOD. From a child that grows up and consistently gets out hand to someone who spends money that they don’t have on things that they can’t afford.

Anyway, I recently came across an article at: It makes sense to me, but whatever, anyway, my response was:

Wow! I was actually looking into utilizing the food stamps as a way to get some of my tax money back. However, Sydney Phillips makes a very good point toward the end of her article. Essentially, “it would only perpetuate the process”. I think that is the end of me looking into acquiring food stamps.

Trust me, I’m doing fine now (better than I ever thought I would ever be doing) so I don’t need them. It turns out, however, that back when I was in school (and even shortly thereafter), I was in debt up to my teeth. Student loans, living expenses, etc. were a beast. Little by little I came out of it all (not unscathed)… But it takes sacrifice, discipline, and all of those other things that everyone is afraid of mentioning. No sex, because, let’s face it, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the kid (or the “protection” beforehand).

Anyway, thank you Sydney Phillips for putting that out there. It’s actually quite scary…

… And that’s a wrap…

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