This is just a little area for me to share all of the events, thoughts, and other things that go on in my head and in my life. I go by “Aggie” or “Ag” (thus, the title). I recently (Summer 2009) graduated with my Master’s Degree in Computer Science (I also have 2 Bachelor’s Degrees [Computer Science and Business Administration]).

I don’t have the greatest body, but that’s just another thing that further seems to prove “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I wear glasses (born this way), am hearing impaired (born this way), and in around 1999 (undergraduate college years) was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Thus, these are just things that may just pop-up in a post here or there.


Well, here it is. Let me start off with sports. I play soccer here and there when I have time, which, I must admit, hasn’t been much lately. I played it throughout my life and through college. Beyond college I haven’t really kept up with it all that much. Speaking of college, I have two Bachelor’s degrees (Business / Computer Science) and a Master’s degree (Computer Science).

Beyond that, (I would say that I’m not your typical “abstainer”) I’ve abstained and believe that there are many pros and cons to that decision, but I feel that it has been worth it. I’m not the hard-core God type that believes that God is the only reason to abstain. There are many other reasons, such as: self-respect, honor, a 100% guarantee that kids won’t be produced, etc. (not to get all self-righteous). Other things about me… I like movies (including horror and action) movies, I work in Higher Education (University of Chicago), some would say I’m EXTREMELY frugal, I play soccer, I enjoy watching NFL games, and I’m extremely sexually frustrated… Hahaha! Lighten up people… Anyway, that’s me…