June 24, 2008 (Tuesday)

I probably had a piece of candy and a few peanuts, but that was all I ate since Sunday (June 22, 2008). I did some (MORE) research while at work about ANYTHING that could possibly help with my condition. History: I have purchased many things that seemed to possibly work (I even went to Lourdes, France (the healing baths / fountains) to get healed that way, but to no avail) for healing myself. I have purchased an Ozone generator, Elaine Gotschall’s SCD Book (I was on that diet for 6-8 months with virtually no change at all (I know that it states to stay on in for at least a year or something like that)), numerous vitamins and supplements, and (now) a juicer. So, I came across a youtube video about this thing called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). So I read more and more about it and decided to try it, since it was considerably less expensive than almost everything else I purchased. I purchased it from ebay and another source (not exactly sure where). After work, I just went home and pretty much layed around all night. It hurt to do ANYTHING. I didn’t eat anything that night.

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