August 07, 2008 – Mini Vacation!

MMS – 14 drops Salazopyrin – 5 Pills (2500 mg)(Sulfasalazine) Calcium (1200 mg) Centrum – 1 Pill

  • McDonald’s – Two Burgers and some fries
  • Cathy’s Ice Cream

MMS is still gross. WOW!!!!! In these larger dosages, the taste and smell are very apparent. Believe it or not… NOT ONE WORRY ABOUT WHERE THE NEXT BATHROOM WAS, ON THE WAY TO MINOCQUA (LAC DU FLAMBEAU), WISCONSIN. FOR ME, THAT WAS HUGE!!! THAT’S SIX HOURS IN A VEHICLE!!! 😉 STOPPED ONCE FOR GAS, AND THAT WAS IT!!!

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