November 18, 2008 (Tuesday)

MMS – 7 drops (Morning) – 9 drops (Evening – Just before bed)
No Drugs
No Zapping

  • Coffee Rio Candies
  • Ham Sandwiches

Alright, so this UC stuff seems to be coming back. So much for the good news. I have started the MMS stuff back up again too. It turns out it may not have been the stress (or maybe just a little bit). The stool blood is back and some of the symptoms are back as well. Either way, I think I stopped the MMS detail a little bit too early, which sucks. I took 7 drops of MMS this morning on an empty stomach, so we’ll see how it goes. Either way, it’s still not as bad as the “full-blown” issues that I started out with. It’s still very manageable, but now I’m back to worrying about it. MY NEW ADVICE IS: DO NOT STOP TAKING MMS TOO SOON!!!!! I KNOW IT’S DISGUSTING, BUT ‘NO PAIN, NO GAIN’!

After tasting it again this morning, it is still SOOOOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING!!!! Then, since you can’t really eat anything right afterward, you have the delight of consistently burping it up for a few minutes (somtimes an hour(s) later).

So, basically, I think I quit just a little bit too early. Besides I never actually finished the full protocol. I could only do 15 drops a few times. I just could not get past the taste (I often threw it up). I am starting over, and this time I will have to get it done. One protocol states “After achieving 15 drops twice per day for five days, some people proceed to three drinks per day for a few days depending on how badly they want full detoxification”, Uh… YEAH, that definitely is an achievement. I’ll keep you posted. This time I’m starting at 7 drops though.

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