December 05, 2008 (Friday)

MMS – 0 drops (Morning) Salazopyrin – 4 Pills (2000 mg)(Sulfasalazine) No Zapping

  • Water

I decided to take a break from the MMS today. My gut isn’t feeling right. These symptoms are getting progressively worse (the abdominal cramps, constant urgency, blood in stool, loss of water (due to Diarrhea), etc.). It turns out, the above symptoms are associated with the fish oil (Omega-3 Fatty Acids). I think I started with too large a dosage of fish oil (1st day – 4800mg, 2nd day – 7200mg) and that’s where the issues started. So, today I only took one pill (1200mg). I’ll keep you posted. Soccer tonight, so we’ll see what happens there. After all, I still have a pulled groin.

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