Ok, So Nevermind… All Of That Cloud Computing Is Definitely Still In Its Infancy…

Jolicloud killed my USB drive. Nowhere in the documentation did it say anything about preexisting data on the USB drive getting erased. Anyway, the one time that I took their word for it and now I lost everything on there. I’m sure I have a backup somewhere, but that is just more time wasted.

Anyway, I wasn’t really that blown away at all. Everything seems real cool, but it’s NOT really that cool. I tried it, and I gotta tell ya… I waited probably for about 10 minutes for certain applications to load. I’m on broadband, but it didn’t seem to matter.

On another note, using DD-WRT I am now able to remotely turn on my desktop computer at home from just about anywhere in the world. Now it will save me some money on electricity. I’ll also always have a place to put my data and access it.

DynDNS -> Router (DD-WRT) -> Wake On LAN (turns on computer) -> Port Forwarding -> RealVNC or TightVNC -> Remote Access -> When finished, shut down computer (Start button -> Shut Down)

This is so huge for me! This was the missing link to be able to do this without having to have a computer powered on 24/7.

Total Uber-Geek, but hey “Geeks Win”.

Anyway, now, back to the real stuff. The balancing act… Called Life…

Balancing Act - Life
Balancing Act - Life: I've been trying to balance everything...

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