More Research…

Just finished another book…

  • The One Minute Entrepreneur
    By: Ken Blanchard
    What I Gained From It (WIGFI): Be patient and ask questions to fully understand (even if it means being the devil’s advocate) before coming to a conclusion.

“The World Is Flat” sort of fell off the interest gauge for me. It was too high-level (as opposed to a grassroots level). It was more conceptual than definite results-oriented with definite attributions of events that you can make happen YOURSELF. I’m looking more for ‘knowledge tools’ as opposed to generalizations. I really don’t think I will finish it. I think I was about half way through it before I came to this conclusion. It pretty much said the same thing as “The Four Hour Work Week”, but without definite examples or tools of how you, yourself, could use it other than philosophizing about it. More like a 20-20 hind site look into things or a rehash of historical events leading up to where we are now. I’m looking for things that are in the NOW time period. Anyway, call it a justification of why not to read it, but it probably won’t help me in the position that I am in now.

I also came across another HUGE RESOURCE! This one has such a simple twist though. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS! However, the simple twist is that I am able to (I did not know this before) actually check out magazines from my local library. This just added HUGE VALUE to a resource that was already available (the library). My local library allows you to check out books, VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines, and even video games FOR FREE! Oh… And you can also check  items out from other libraries in the same “alliance”.

So, that being said, I have started reading Money Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur, and any other subscriptions that I feel will help me pick up ‘tools’.

Tools I picked up this time:

  • Taxes seem to be the biggest cost that everyone will incur throughout life
  • “Free” magazine subscriptions at the library
  • You can take Roth IRA contributions out at any time (not to be confused with a traditional IRA)
  • Roth IRA contributions can be moved to pay for a house (any real-estate maybe?) with huge tax breaks (tax-free maybe?) [there may be limits though]

‘Tools’ in my context are little bits (usually of information) that help achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

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