Sex / Monogamy / Virginity

Please don’t take any of this personally, these are just my thoughts and theories…

I think there’s this perception that “pure” women are this “holy grail” and men are just trying to “get a piece”. What about a “pure” man? It seems like it’s the complete opposite for a man. It’s like you’re a loser if you haven’t “done it”.

Some of my theories about the challenges of staying a virgin for men and women are like this:

  • A woman has to get through without falling in love so hard that she can’t even think straight. Which I assume is pretty tough based on my inability to find any in my dating processes. This can mean that after a break-up she goes out and “does it” with someone out of spite for the EX. Women seem to have a slight advantage over men in that it seems to usually take time for her to actually fall in love.
  • A man has this urge that frequently shows up unannounced (often in the blink of an eye) that he really doesn’t have much control over. Once it shows up, it can lead to many things that were never intended. He says things he wouldn’t normally say and does things he wouldn’t normally do, if the urge wasn’t around. Thus, the challenge for him is to do EVERYTHING possible to resist the urge, which I will say takes seemingly SUPERHUMAN WILL POWER.

I’m a man and am about to turn 32. I’m a virgin… Needless to say, I’m not really into the whole sex thing. At first, it was a religious thing for me, but now (for me) I realized it has nothing to do with that. There are many logical reasons for not doing it (potential kids, STDs, etc.). I’m sure it feels pretty good and all, especially based on my responses that I have received from friends that say it is the best pleasure ever. For me, if that is indeed the case, I prefer to share ‘the best pleasure ever’ with one person. Plus, the results wouldn’t be that bad. One would think having a kid with someone you can’t imagine life without, wouldn’t seem like that big of a deal. 

Anyway, I hope I wasn’t getting all “goody goody” for anyone…

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