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I’m not sure if you’ve already researched this, but there are a few ideas that (after doing quite a bit of research) have come to light. This is just one theory of mine as far as the “glowing” or “orb-like” UFOs are concerned. Note that this doesn’t cover every single sighting out there, but it probably covers quite a few. Also, I must also state that most, if they choose to shield themselves from an objective perspective, may just brush this off… But to each their own…

There seems to be a correlation (or two) between seismic activity and the aforementioned types of UFOs (Search terms: plate tectonics, hydrogen ions, seismic activity, ufos, etc.). My theory: Plate tectonics (seismic activity) create glowing hydrogen ions. Since they’re very large plates and the pressure is enormous, this will create many elements above ground and in water that appear to be UFOs.

The UFOs (hydrogen ions) will glow, come out of nowhere, disappear, move at extreme rates of speed, float in mid-air, and just about everything else that these are known for. It seems pretty straight-forward if one looks at the science.

For more info, see:

Seismic Activity and UFO Hotspots Correlation:

March 2010 – Euclid, Ohio (They’re near a hotspot):

Please let me know your thoughts…

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