Failure Is The ONLY Option

We’ve all heard it before. The fabled saying “Failure is not an option”. Although there are instances for that (rare as they are), I would say that for the majority of scenarios that we come across are the opposite. Failure is the ONLY option. Without failure, there’s no way to learn… And I would say learning is the key to everything. Complacency, on the other hand, is the death of anything. Anything that ceases evolving will ultimately fall to the wayside.

Anyway, the main point of this is to post this image (I saw it on Facebook):

My response:

‘Then once you’re finished with single letters, you start doubling up, then tripling up… Then you can even start adding numbers… Leading to something like:

  • “7” “U” “P” aka “7UP” –> The soft drink…
  • “W” “D” “40” aka “WD40” –> The lubricant…


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