Wow (Again)! I’m Getting Married In A Few Days

So here is that story… I never thought I would ever be blessed enough to get married (I’m sure many don’t consider it a blessing, but I do – at least for now – Hahahaha!). Perhaps it’s one of those internal ideas that one thinks every once in a while… I’ve never considered myself worthy of another being able to spend the rest of their life with me. Perhaps that’s why I’ve felt the way I have in many of the posts that I’ve posted on here.

Either way, I’m scheduled to get married this Satuday – 10/10/2015. I’ve probably never been this busy in my life. There have been times when there was a lot going on, but not so much on a timeline like this. Plus, I had no idea of what to expect. It’s kind of a big deal if you want it to be.

On the financial side, it’s a good thing I lived frugally and below my means so I was able to save quite a bit. I always planned on the prospect of getting married or having some expensive event happen. Thus, the saving. Either way, my fiance / future wife (MFW) has a Ph.D. which I never really analyzed from the financial side until I started dating her. I will put it this way, things could be a lot worse, but her situation isn’t too bad. It’s more about the habits going forward than one large lump sum of cash coming out of nowhere. Thus, the situation I’m in. A Ph.D. is definitely a large financial hurdle, but I’m sure we’ll get through it.

Either way, I’m sure that once things align (which they’re already moving into place), we’ll be good to go before you know it. She’s a smart woman (I wouldn’t be marrying her otherwise) and I’m sure she’ll figure that it’s pretty easy once a certain point is reached. We have to get quite a few things in place, especially if we’re planning on having kids.

I do have quite a few feelings running around in my head. There’s quite a bit of excitement!!! It’s really weird to think that I’m THAT guy. The dude who’s getting married… WHOA!!!!!!!!! For the money that I’m spending on this rig, I don’t really think I’ll worry about anybody trying to wreck the day. Even if they do try to sabotage the day, I’ll find a way to make it great. It’s all about the mindset! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MINDSET!!! Deep down, I am super-pumped to BLOW A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY!!! Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!!!!! Eh, it’s only money…



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