Skyrocket: I Think This May Be When It Happens… This Should Be Interesting…

I’ve had a slight change in my brain / the way that I’ve been thinking that I think will cause a bit of a major difference in the future.

It’s possibly from doing everything and trying to get it all done myself and learning everything as I go while getting it all done – to running numbers and analyses on whether the return is worth it or not on just about everything (i.e. hiring whoever, etc.).

There’s more to it, but I think the other part is I’m finally coming to grips with being human and fallible and not actually knowing everything and not being able to get absolutely everything done.

I feel like it will be a bumpy and slightly painful road at the beginning, but it’ll change things in an EXTREMELY HUGE way. As someone in the past has described – something along the lines of “the difference between crawling and flying.”

We shall see, but I feel that there has been a difference in my way of thinking that was triggered by the events of this week.

Deep down, however, I’ll believe the difference when I actually start to see it in myself and execute on it (which has actually already started, but it’s the “I’ll believe it when I see it” thing) and changes ACTUALLY do occur. I’ve actually started looking at things (employing more people), but I feel like I’m more internally compelled to pull the trigger this time because of the change in thinking.

Anyway… Only time will tell whether or not the skyrocket actually takes off.

Wish me luck… 😉

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