September 19, 2008 (Friday)

MMS – 0 drops

  • Half of a Forno Sausage Pizza – (same as the others above)
  • Coffee Rio Candy
  • Dinner with Kristy (Pizza)

Still getting used to this “gas management”. This is really difficult! I thought it was going to be alot easier to figure out what means what, in terms of bodily functions. Since it has been so long, I’m not really sure how long I should actually be waiting in order to go to the bathroom. When the urgency comes, I think back to the last time I went to the bathroom. Lately, it has been up to 10-12 hours, sometimes even more! This is kind of a good thing in that it means that the urgency isn’t constant (like it pretty much used to be), but now, since I have been used to the serious urgency for the last 10 years, I don’t know what it feels like to have just normal urgency. Essentially I don’t know when the turning point for the normal person (between going to the bathroom and “holding it just a little bit longer”) is.

It might sound easy, but it is definitely taking longer than I expected. I may still be healing on the inside too. From some of my research, I believe I read somewhere that your insides take quite a while to heal, as opposed to a minor cut or bruise. So I’d say I’m still at least months away from being totally healed.

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