January 02 (Friday) – 2009

MMS – 0 drops (Morning)
No Drugs
No Zapping

  • Water

Alright, all over again, Sheldon’s thing seems to be ineffective with this Ulcerative Colitis stuff. I’m going back to MMS! I’m going to start at 10 drops 2 times a day. To get past the taste, I will be using a technique that someone e-mailed me about. It basically involves a ‘chaser’. You simply drink down the MMS and then take a few sips of coke (pepsi may work too). Either way, it should take the after-taste away and the nasty-tasting burps as well.

I must say though that this disease is really becoming an annoyance. It’s not quite killing me, but it’s definitely putting a dent in quite a few things. Really, the only reason I stopped with the MMS is because of the taste and I didn’t want to drink the crappy tasting stuff for nothing. When I stopped taking MMS I felt very very good! AWESOME! and everything (as you probably read up above). Eventually the symptoms came back, but I think that gave me a better understanding of certain aspects of the disease and it’s potential cure. So… MMS ROUND 2 – HERE I COME!!!

Not to mention, this will help me with this stupid cough that I acquired when I caught a cold a few weeks ago. I’ll keep you posted.

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