Improvement On Many Fronts

I have been doing some more thinking lately and came to a few conclusions.

  1. I just came to this one today (hard to believe), but I’m completely pulling out of Lending Club. It really hasn’t done much for me. On the surface level it is an excellent idea. The implementation, however, doesn’t seem conducive to investors. They don’t seem to give you solid statistics. They seem to give you surface statistics. Rather than continuing to change and evolve, it seems they are content with the status quo. The interface is nice, but there are quite a few changes that could be made that would enrich the ENTIRE experience. I haven’t done all of the calculations, but I feel that I have taken a loss. With all of the time that I have invested in finding out how it works and testing it out, it doesn’t seem to be worth my time. After all is said and done, I must admit though, this was NOT my worst investment ever, at least I was able to get just about all of my money back out. Thus, the improvement on this front is the fact that I took a look at it and tested it out and found out that it’s not for me. The returns are not large nor steady enough (especially on top of having to pay short-term capital gains on it).
  2. I changed my Vanguard Roth IRA holdings from the original STAR Fund to a REIT (VGSIX). I believe this is where “it” will be, for now.
  3. My T. Rowe Price Roth IRA REIT is also up (minimally, but it’s up).
  4. My financial situation as a whole has been turning around significantly.
  5. My company now has a different direction.

Anyway, here’s another look at an updated Net Worth chart (…

Ag's Net Worth 10-21-2010
Ag's Net Worth 10-21-2010

And the Year-To-Date…

Ag's Net Worth 10-21-2010 YTD
Ag's Net Worth 10-21-2010 YTD

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