WOW! Relationship Stress Was Really Doing A Number On Me…

Well, over the course of the last month I’ve been having female issues (I’m a male). Yes, relationships definitely affect the stress levels of people, which (for me) ultimately affects UC issues.

Ever since I’ve been having these issues from a little over a month ago to now, I went from being in really great “UC Shape” to really bad shape. So much so, that I started having tummy issues that were so bad, they were canceling out my appetite. There was about a 48-hour stretch in which I only had 2 small burgers. I know burgers are not the healthiest choice, but the aim was comfort food.

Either way, the really bad tummy issues started about a week ago and have somewhat subsided for now. It took about 6 days to start to feel a little bit better. I also took a day off from work because I felt like such garbage. I just wanted to roll over and die. I had what felt like a HUGE air bubble in my stomach that just wouldn’t go away. I kept trying to burp it out, but it just wasn’t working all that well. Anyway, I fell a bit better and have a busy weekend this weekend… Work / Soccer Friday… A birthday thing for a friend Saturday… Sunday… Well, who knows… Hopefully this issue doesn’t kill me this weekend. 🙂

Anyway, getting back to the relationship stress. My significant other (female) and I (male) have been having quite a few major issues lately over a few things. So much so, that we were just about to truly end it, for good.

For me, I’ve never really been great at relationships. It is SOOOOO EASY for me to be your best friend, but when in a relationship, it’s just weird for me. I’ve been striving for perfection (probably too hard), but I just want to be with the “right one” for good. Thus, when it comes to a significant other, I feel like I only have one shot at it, and as such, it HAS to be perfect. I don’t want to become another statistic by getting divorced.

In just about everything else (including family) in my life, I just let is slide off my back. If I had no money, place to live, or anything like that, I would be fine because you can always get that back. You can’t really get a relationship back. I’ve taken HUGE financial losses before and just kept going like it was no big deal (and I’m not THAT “well off”). My main issue is relationships. HAHAhaha!!! It’s just funny to me.

Thus, my assumption is that this mentality causes the severe stress when (in a relationship) something doesn’t work out perfectly or happen the way I expected. Either way, I understand that no matter what, you have to “roll with the punches”, so we’ll see what happens.

Bottom line:

  • CAUSE: Relationship Stress
  • EFFECT: Pretty “Rough” UC Issues

9 thoughts on “WOW! Relationship Stress Was Really Doing A Number On Me…”

  1. @Mohamed: Well, MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) was this horrible smelling and horrible tasting concoction that I tried consuming for a while. It seemed to work at first, but after a while (when stress re-entered my life) my tummy / UC issues started right back up again. This was regardless of whether or not I was still consuming MMS.

    Really, the only thing that does help me with the flare-ups and bad times is finding some way to relieve stress. For me, there seems to be a direct correlation between stress and flare-ups.

  2. @Aggie: Like me, I tried hard to be away from stress but that seems to be a hard choice. I’ve Left-Sided UC too. I’m taking now for UC Mesalazine Tablets 4g “Pentasa” + Mesalazine suppository 2g “Pentasa”.

    I tried to do a diet which helped alot but still need something that really helps, stop bleeding with few side effects.
    My diet which I want to share with you.
    Don’t eat or drink Dairy.
    Eat fish products especially Tuna daily.
    Eat an apple without its peel before any food and try to eat Lettuce all the day.

    Drink a cup of spoiled Curcuma twice daily “you can add sugar to the cup”.
    Take Vit K1 three times daily When I’ve a flare.

    I hope to keep in touch to share ideas, advices & our experiences.


  3. @Mohamed: It is definitely a somewhat painful process of trying to figure out how this disease works. For me, it’s a constant trial and error process. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind for the future and if I do come across something completely breakthrough (other than surgery, that is), I’ll let you know.

    Dairy is aggravating to me too. I actually drink Almond milk (pretty much Water / Almonds) in place of Milk. That’s just something I tried recently (maybe 2-3 months ago). So… As usual… Trial and error… Trial and error… Trial and error…

    All the best!

  4. @Aggie: God be with you.

    Her’s my email address & I’d be very happy to hear from you…., # elbarck (at) #


  5. By the way I forgot to tell you, when I’ve a flare now I take AntiBiotics only “Cipro floxacin 500 + Flagyle”….

    I was taking Prednison between 15mg and 65mg non-stopping for two years and that was a big mistake from my Doctor God Forgive him…. It caused me Osteoporsis by %44 and now I’m not moving looooool, That why I’m suggesting things these days, I don’t want people suffer as I suffered.


  6. @Mohamed: Thank you for your insights. I’ll definitely take your words into account. I hope things get better for you. All the best!

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