6-Digit Value Of Assets

Wow! I’m now WAY in the green! The value of my assets is now well into the 6-digit realm. I’ve actually had to take steps to lower my taxable income (marginal tax rates). One simple “move” actually saved me $450.

My company has somewhat “taken off”. Although I’m still WAY behind my main goal at this point, there’s still some time to figure a few things out. My net worth is about $50,000 (actually… probably a bit more than that). That’s net worth not total value of assets. My undergrad and grad school loans are still a pain in my nostril, but the interest still carries a deduction, not to mention the interest rates are quite competitive. Since I do have a positive net worth (and I am extremely LIQUID), I could pay off every loan I have right now and be completely debt-free (property included). However, it is like they say “it’s better to use OPM…” (OPM = Other People’s Money). 😉

Anyway, life is good right now… At least financially… Now, to find me a wife. Hahahaha!

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