How Does eHarmony Work? One Man’s Review

#How #Does #eHarmony #Work? #One #Man's #Review | jpajourney.comAfter having used quite a few online dating sites, the one that seemed to work for me was Granted, it took some time, but I did end up finding my wife on it. This is an review based on my experience with it.
First of all, the online dating website scene is different for everyone. Thus, as is to be expected, your results may be different than mine. The good news is that I was able to find my wife after searching seemingly everywhere.
The bottom line on a lot of this stuff is to not be afraid to fail. Try a lot of things and don’t be afraid to be a fool or actually be yourself. Giving my 2 cents here, I’d say one reason that a lot of relationship issues arise too late is that many people aren’t revealing who they really are, early enough in the relationship.
Thus, it’s probably best to just be who you are. This is “within reason.” Which I understand is a bit subjective. Anyway, on to where I met my wife. How does eHarmony work?

How Does eHarmony Work?

I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I’ve seen some of the commercials that claim that they have this unique system that generates potential dates and mates. After having gone through it myself, I’m not buying what they say about their chemistry process, formula, algorithm, or whatever they call it.
When you sign-up, you fill out some various information about who you are and what your background is. You also fill out various details about what you’re looking for in a partner (i.e. education level, etc.). This information already seems like it’s enough to go on for finding your “other half.”
From there, eHarmony will give you some potentials.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem that much different than any of the other online dating sites I’ve used.

Maybe the only difference is that it seems like there are actually people on the site as opposed to bots. In another review, it seemed like the only thing that was on a competitor’s website was a bunch of bots. For me, that didn’t feel like the case as much with eHarmony.

The End User Experience#How #Does #eHarmony #Work? #One #Man's #Review |

One of the first things I noticed with was that there were certain parts of the website that were buggy. Meaning some things on the website didn’t quite work. It was functional for the most part, but sometimes certain functionalities just didn’t work.
For example, there were some times that I had to refresh the whole page just to get certain things to work.

Some of the quirks of the website can be annoying, to say the least.

Paid Subscription

Like a lot of the other online dating websites that I used in the past, in order to use certain features, you have to upgrade your account.

You can , but in order to use any of the more in-depth features, you have to upgrade to a paid full subscription account.

I originally  which was all I needed at the time, just to test out the website itself. Something to keep in mind is that on various occasions, eHarmony will have a promotional period where you can communicate for free for a few days.
During one of those free communication times is when I decided to actually get a bit more in-depth with the website. From there, I eventually upgraded my account to a paid account just to be able to communicate and get the most out of the website.

Success, At Last#How #Does #eHarmony #Work? #One #Man's #Review |

The question above asks “How does eHarmony work?” The answer for my wife and I is “very well.” Things worked out quite well for us. After having tried other online dating websites, this one worked well.
wasn’t the first dating site that I used, but it was the last. I met my wife for a date and then the rest went from there.
Honestly, I still don’t really think eHarmony’s formula worked for us. I think my wife and I just happened to meet each other on it and things worked from there. That’s just me though. Maybe the website’s algorithm is just so smooth that it didn’t seem like it even played a part in our coming together.
Either way, I met my wife on and we are happily married.


eHarmony’s website is a bit quirky, but it gets the job done. After all, I met my wife on it. The good news is that it does seem like there are human beings that interact with it as opposed to some other websites that seem to have nothing but bots.
If you’re lucky, you can and try it while communicating for free during one of eHarmony’s free communication periods. Get the most out of it then, but in order to get the most out of the website, you’ll probably want to upgrade to a paid full subscription account.

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